Zeshan Aziz is an independent security researcher with experience in combatting and attributing information operations by nation-states and profit-motivated actors. He is also a Digital Sherlocks scholar at the Atlantic Council. He writes about globally relevant disinfo campaigns, cyber attacks against civil society, and is active in the OSINT community.

Zeshan has presented to various public and private venues. He has been a speaker at conferences including CyberWarCon, Countermeasure, Layer8, and Pacific Hackers among other private conferences. He has also appeared in publications such as WIRED Magazine. Zeshan earned his B.S. in Industrial Engineering with minors in Computer Engineering and Arabic from University of Miami.

Social Media

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nahsez/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xZeshan

Conference Talks

CyberWarCon 2021

Layer8 Con 2020

CounterMeasure / Pacific Hackers Conference 2019

Media Mentions

Police Linked to Hacking Campaign to Frame Indian Activists - Wired Magazine



Publications / Papers / Technical Blogs

Chinese IO Commercial Firm Attribution

Indonesian Disinformation Operators Stir China Tensions

Uyghur American Association Targeted with Lookalike Website

Brexit Disinfo

Salman Belarus of Malhama Tactical

How to Use Breach Credentials to Support Intelligence Collection and Attribution

How Adversaries Weaponize Disinformation

What is Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior?

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